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  • BB's Top Tunes 10/20

    BB's Top Tunes is a collection of monthly top ten songs curated by Shelby Pollard, Vanessa Wheeler, & Pete Jonas. Each month we select four New Releases to highlight, and one song from any time period for our Gotta Hear It 
  • EVENT: Punk Is Dad at Fitzgeralds Patio 10/3

    Some say Punk is Dead. The guitar and coffee fanatics of Black Bobbin say nay, PUNK is DAD.
  • What is a Black Bobbin?

    "Black Bobbin is an acknowledgment of the small details which enhance the overall experience. It represents the quality of service and attention to detail that we strive for which has been modeled after the ancestry of electric guitar manufacturing. It is a thank you to those who have come before, and a reminder to all who follow."