Black Bobbin's Jazzmaster Makeover


Every part has a sound, and an instrument is a culmination of parts. If you change any of these variables, you will subsequently change the sound. Through our years of experience we can tell you that with a few upgrades, any guitar can be a really great instrument. So we're here to help make over your Jazzmaster! Here is what you need.


We've played them all, and the M1 is the best in all ways. The functionality and use is superior to other replacement bridges, and the tonality is preferred as well! This upgrade is worth the investment.

contact us to purchase a Mastery M1 bridge


The proper finishing touch on our makeover Is a good set of strings. We worked with our friends at Stringjoy to create a custom set that will work great with your Jazzmaster!


The addition of a high quality potentiometer to your wiring harness can really change your overall tonal experience, and we have found that the VIPots are of the highest caliber. The 280k pot is a great addition to any Jazzmaster if you are looking to tame the top end, and open a whole new world of variances with your volume control


The biggest change you can make to the sound of your Jazzmaster is a new set up pickups. Our Black Bobbin Alnico 2 Jazzmaster set is a well balanced vintage replica created by the best at Lollar. Our combined knowledge of vintage Jazzmasters informed the sound of these amazing pickups. From the first strum, we were In love!

So you want to upgrade your Jazzmaster? We will do all of the work for you. Whether you are local or not, we want to get your Jazzmaster In the best shape so you can get back to playing.

Email for more information!

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