Sonicology - An Introduction

The Sonicology email newsletter is an effort to increase the language we all use to describe sound and collectively experience music. The goal is to provide educational snapshots to your daily life to grow the way you think about music, and to hopefully inspire creation and to foster a richer knowledge of your craft. First a working definition of our practice:

Sonicology - a study of the science, history, and application of sound in an effort to enhance the disciplines of sonic creation 

We will be exploring these ideas in the form of the following segments:

  • Sound Science - How things work
  • Historically Speaking - Lessons from the past
  • Listen Up- Increase your listening skills 
  • Best Practices- Suggested solutions to common issues 
  • You Tell Me- Call and response sonic education 
  • Free Forms - Pondering outside of the box  

This is a community based effort, meaning it is just as much for my continued education as it is yours. Please always feel free to comment or email about topics you would like to explore together!

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Shelby Pollard


  • Let ’er rip!

    Kevin Long
  • Radical.

    Mallie Moore
  • Count me in!

    Wyatt Walker
  • Looking forward to it!

    Tony Daniels
  • This is going to be fun.

    Spencer Koch

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