• Listen Up - Junior Parker & Elvis Presley

    An alternative title could be, and might even should be the influence of Pat Hare. Ultimately that is what I would like to explore here, but it begins with the story of Junior Parker.
  • Sound Science - Do Pots Change Your Tone?

    If you’re exploring how pot values change the sound of a guitar, all you need to do is flip up the switch on your offset!
  • Bad Sound

    Bad Sound Guitarists spend a lot of time focusing on good tone, good sound, and the gear that support both. It seems the entire music retail indust...
  • Sound Science: Plate Reverb

    Plate Reverb is an effect created by sending sound waves across a piece of sheet metal to mimic the naturally occurring sound of a reverberated sp...
  • Historically Speaking - Bigsby By Hand

    All of the original Bigsby True Vibrato tail pieces were assembled by hand in Paul Bigby's shop, and by shop I mean in his home shed. The black pai...
  • You Tell Me - Brand Loyalty

    When was the last time you took an audit of the accessories your use? Are you using them because of some sort of brand loyalty, or because it's act...
  • Listen Up - "Here Today"

    Increasing your listening skills isn't just a good life lesson, it's key to being a great musician. I've spent hours listening to the same songs, b...
  • Sonicology - You Tell Me

    My goal is to give you inspirational anecdotes and best practices on how to educate yourself and thus how to best find your own voice!
  • Sonicology - An Introduction

    The Sonicology email newsletter is an effort to increase the language we all use to describe sound and collectively experience music. The goal is ...
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