VIPots 280K Audio Taper Potentiometer

VIPots 280K Audio Taper Potentiometer

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 Project # 0017

The addition of a high quality potentiometer to your wiring harness can really change your overall tonal experience, and we have found that the VIPots are of the highest caliber. The 280k pot is a great addition to any Jazzmaster if you are looking to tame the top end, and open a whole new world of variances with your volume control.

For Strat style knobs you will need split shaft, and for Witch Hat style knobs you will need solid shaft.

From VI:

These early Fender spec VIPots are functional copies of the pots used in Fender Stratocaster® and Telecaster® guitars during the 50s and 60s. The same audio taper, the same torque and US fine spline split shaft or solid shaft (6 mm) for a direct drop-in replacement. 280kOhm with 15% tolerance.

They are available as solid shaft or split shaft VIPots.


  • authentic audio taper
  • authentic torque
  • 280kOhm +/- 15%
  • 3/8" shaft
  • 24 teeth knurled split shaft OR solid shaft
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